An agency in love with divine stories.


Deusa combines online and offline. Deusa loves marketing, period.

Deusa is a Digital Marketing agency in love with divine stories. And divine stories are those with happy endings.

We love to tell stories, spread their words to all corners of the earth. But we’re also excellent listeners: tell us your idea and believe that shortly, the whole world will want to know about it, feel it, share it.

Actions based on marketing strategies

Deusa delivers results.

We wanted to create a service, not just another company. Commonplaces aside, a truly full-service agency was needed to deal with digital marketing and traditional marketing for you, in a formal or informal way, but always with passion.
An agency that puts our client’s customers first and problems in their rightful place. An agency that take actions based entirely on marketing strategies.

Deusa combines online and offline. Deusa loves marketing, period. Deusa delivers results. Thank the divine for Deusa.

Deusa at your service.

Our work process is very simple, just as the best stories are, but very rigorous. Given the general and specific objectives (which can be drawn up in collaboration with you), we create the strategy, put it into practice and measured its reach, depth and impact with the target audience, so that with the return on your investment, you leave us one more story to tell.

Content Marketing

We create content aligned with the objectives of your idea, project or business. We adapt the content strategy to the digital communication strategy, so that it reaches the desired audience effectively. Content is King, and Deusa is the Queen.

Social Media

Social networks are an integral, essential and inseparable part of any brand communication. Leave this management to us: we'll work to communicate assertively and to your target audience. Organically or through ads.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Investing in a tailor-made SEO strategy guarantees the improvement of organic results in search engines, in the short and long term, so that you see a return on your investment.


The best location for your project in the digital world is on the first page of Google. For those looking for immediate results, betting on a strategy with paid ads is the solution. Through Google Ads, the first place is guaranteed. From night to day.

Influencer Marketing

Currently an undeniable trend. Using influencers to reach different audiences has become a tool with guaranteed success. Deusa has the best. Everything you need to build your brand's reputation on digital channels.


We improve your team's digital skills through personalized training sessions. Do you have a marketing team willing to learn - and put into practice - digital marketing strategies? Deusa has specialists to give you that boost.


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